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One Breath, Then Another: A Memoir tells of young woman’s quest to avoid her father’s self-destructive path 

Author Amanda Erin Miller releases memoir about her path to healing, culminating with yoga teacher training on Indian ashram

New York, NY. March 1, 2013 – In One Breath, Then Another: A Memoir, author Amanda Erin Miller explores how the healing arts become the most powerful tools to overcoming her tendency to be her own worst enemy. (ISBN 978-0-9888543-0-7, January 2013, $8.99 on; ISBN 978-0-9888543-1-4, February 2013, $2.99 on Amazon Kindle.)

From a young age, Miller identifies with her father, a heavy smoker with food issues who starves himself until he is skeletal. She, in turn, develops a severe case of anorexia that leads to hospitalization. A year after she recovers, he dies of lung cancer; Miller is afraid of succumbing to a similar fate. At the age of twenty-four, after a debilitating two-year bout with depression, she is drawn to the healing arts and trains as a massage therapist. While massaging a cancer survivor, she finds that easing the pain of others is a powerful way to help herself.  At age twenty-six, she uses all her money to go alone to an ashram in India for a month to train as a yoga teacher. 

“I became hypnotized by the sound of my own breathing.  So reliable: one breath, then another then another, then—“ writes Miller, of sitting in her father’s chair immediately after his death. The theme of breath recurs throughout: Miller’s own breaths accumulating as she moves through time, the passage of breath from one generation to another, the breaths of all individuals who connect in this lifetime, and finally the deep breathing fundamental to the practice of yoga. As Miller trains to become a yoga teacher, she reflects deeply on mortality and the workings of her mind, learning to let go and surrender to the present moment.

I hope that One Breath, Then Another will inspire and empower people to realize that their voices matter, nothing is insurmountable and one’s own mind is often the biggest obstacle to one’s happiness.  Life is fragile and finite; this memoir is about getting out of our own ways and supporting each other so we can all make the most of the time we have,” writes Miller on her website.

“Rhythm. This entire piece follows the percussive beats of breath. The language of Amanda Miller’s One Breath, Then Another carries us along a tender backward glance of a young adult saying goodbye to her father. She, coming into her being; he, sauntering toward the end of his.” —CoCo Harris, Founding Editor, Telling Our Stories Press.

Amanda Erin Miller is a writer, actor, yoga instructor, and massage therapist based in Brooklyn. She has adapted One Breath, Then Another into an interactive solo show featuring yoga poses, meditation, breathing exercises and chanting. Her writing has appeared in The Rumpus, UC Riverside’s Cratelit, So Long: Short Memoirs of Loss and Remembrance, Underwired Magazine, Runaway Parade and more. She holds an MFA in creative nonfiction from The New School and a BFA in Acting from NYU. Find her online at and on Twitter @Amandaerin25.

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